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Creating a Nested Virtualization Lab on VMware 5.5

For my new lab I am using an old HP Z200 workstation with a Quad Core Xeon processor and 16GB RAM. For storage I have 1 SSD and 2 SATA disks.  After turning on Hyper threading in the BIOS I

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Give users permission to call on behalf of a Response Group

Now you may get a request to allow users to call from response group in Lync. I did a bit of research on this and according to Microsoft it is possible, but I have found it doesn’t work by default.

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Cannot Install Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012

This weekend I decided to install Exchange 2013 in the lab. A number of things I am working on in the Lab require email capabilities and I wanted to see what the new version has to offer. I installed a

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Configuring a SQL Server to store session state data

To configure your session state database Microsoft has created a command line tool which will create the database for you. You can find the tool in the .NET framework folder. You must use the tool which corresponds to the framework

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