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Configure Static NAT on a Cisco ASA

A common request is to enable external access to a web or mail server from the internet. The process is known as Static (one to one) NAT AKA Port Forwarding. This solution is for Cisco ASA’s running version 8.2 or

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How to do basic setup of cisco ASA 5505

Originally posted on Andrew's blog of things:
When you open the box containing your new ASA 5505 and plug in your console you will see the following: Type help or ‘?’ for a list of available commands. ciscoasa> Here…

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Configure a GRE IPsec site to site VPN Tunnel between 2 Cisco Routers

Step 1: IKE/ISAKMP configuration Our first task in creating an IPsec tunnel is specifying an Internet Key Exchange (IKE) policy. IKE relies on ISAKMP to establish an initial secure channel over which the IPsec tunnel can be negotiated. An IKE

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Backup & Restore WLC configs

Originally posted on mrn-cciew:
In a Cisco switch or Router (running on IOS) taking a configuration backup & restore is very easy task. you can simply backup your router/switch configuration in to flash disk by “copy run flash” CLI command.…

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